Happy Valentine’s Day!

It’s Valentine’s day and I’m so excited to give my love the card I made for him. I was kind of stumped on a gift for him this year. Yesterday it dawned on me that he could really use a new winter coat. Since it won’t be here today, I printed out a picture of it and glued it to the card, under an illustration of a wrapped gift that he’ll life up to see his present. 

I illustrated a little “Hank the Lion” cartoon for his card. It says, “This is Hank… This is Hank’s girlfriend. This is Hank in love. Any questions?” Hank the Lion is kind of a running joke with us. I got him a stuffed “Hank” for our first Easter together and he took Hank with him on a vacation with him. So, at the time, I was “Hank’s girlfriend.” I posted a couple pictures of the front and back of the card and then what the card looks like opened up. I hope he likes it!!