Happy (early) Valentine’s Day to Me!

Last night my hubby gave me my V-day present early. He said it wasn’t a romantic present but I beg to differ (of course, I’m a graphic designer so I what I sometimes think is romantic probably differs from most girls). He gave me a Canon CanoScan 9000F scanner! I am beyond thrilled. I have been so frustrated trying to scan watercolors and getting them to look even close to what I’ve actually painted. Watercolor produces such beautiful effects that I just couldn’t capture. The mediocre HP scanner that we owned finally broke and I bought a small, portable scanner, thinking it would do the trick but that didn’t work well either. I decided to post a side-by-side comparison. The shoe on the left was scanned by my Magic Wand Scanner and on the right is the Canon. I’m not sure how well the differences will show up here but I was pretty impressed. Makes me want to rescan all of my artwork! My man did good!!!