Creating a Kid's Art Gallery Wall

My daughter has a long and narrow room. It’s great because there is plenty of room for a bed and desk and play area on the floor. The tricky thing is decorating the long wall. There are basically two spaces on this one wall: above her bed and above her desk. So finding art that was large enough and made sense was tough.

I’ve seen beautiful gallery walls on Pinterest and I was inspired by this one especially. I loved how the art could be changed out whenever she made a new creation. I knew that I would need a lot of frames because it was such a large space. My husband got The Handbuilt Home for Christmas and there was a plan for frames in it that I really liked. He ended up building nine frames! I painted them white, added black mat board to the back, and a wire and tiny bull clip to the front. And voila! Gallery wall! She loves it and I love seeing how she changes up her artwork, my budding artist, Emma.