A New Year!

It just felt wrong not to draw or paint last night so I sketched out what I picked up at Ikea yesterday. Ha! That was fun and I may do more illustrated journal page-type drawings in the future. So I guess this is 1/366 (yep, it's a leap year).

drawingsarah.com | 1/366

I've been thinking a lot about what I'd like to draw more of in the coming year (if I continued). I had the expectation last year that I would paint everyday and just magically discover my "thing" – that one subject matter that I wanted to paint all the time, every day. That just didn't happen. I feel like I'm no closer to discovering what it is that I want to draw all the time then I was one year ago. Boo! But I'm starting to think that's ok. I have a lot of interests. I now know some subjects come easier to me and some are more of a challenge. Some I enjoy and some are a chore. More things I want to do this year: portraits, food illustrations, get out of the house more/be more social, go to local galleries, figure out who I am as an artist or at least my taste and keep challenging myself.

I also kind of blew it when it came to posting every daily painting here on the blog. So here are a few of my favorite from the last 141 paintings that I didn't post here. All 365 are on Instagram.

So stay tuned for more art this year! Do you have any creative or other goals this year?