Liebster Award - Getting to Know Other New Blogs | Liebster Award

I was honored to be nominated for a Liebster Award by Jennifer from Made to Nurture. It's a fun way to discover other blogs with less than 200 followers (like myself) and have new people read your blog, too! I was excited to participate. My requirements were to tell 11 random facts about myself, answer Jennifer's 11 questions, and nominate 11 other new (or small-less than 200 followers) blogs to do the same. :)

11 Random Facts About ME

  1. I have a super short attention span for music. Most usually just annoys me.
  2. I memorize and can recall most commercial jingles (even though I don’t like music). I don’t do it on purpose.
  3. I once rode the tram in the Detroit airport with Kevin Bacon. I was too freaked out to say anything to him, though. I was surprised I had that reaction around a celebrity.
  4. I started out in college as a pre-med major (then switched to art in my 2nd year).
  5. I kind of wished I’d trained to be a medical illustrator.
  6. I don’t like any dark colored pop (soda) - coke, pepsi, root beer, etc. = yuck.
  7. My husband and I went to school together from 5th-10th grade. He left to go to a different school and I didn’t see him for 15 years even though we lived in the same small town. Then, we were matched on eHarmony…and the rest is history!
  8. I’m a true introvert in that I need alone time to recharge. Being around people definitely zaps my energy. I also rarely feel the need to leave my house. Ha ha.
  9. I have visited England, Italy, Greece, Singapore, Japan (only in the airport on a layover), Mexico and Canada. I would love to travel to France and Turkey someday!
  10. My favorite color is gray.
  11. I have 3 kids ages 11, 8 and 3.

Jennifer's Questions for Me

1) What is your passion in life?

Other than faith and family, it's definitely art. I read about art, think about art and do art as often as I can!

2) How did you choose your blog name?

I knew I wanted to create an art blog, but I also thought about it as "drawing myself out" so it became drawingsarah.

3) Why did you start your blog?

I wanted to make art on a more consistent basis and I figured a blog would help keep me accountable.

4) How do you organize your blogging schedule?

My goal has always been to draw and paint everyday but I try to blog once a week. So I really don't have a schedule even though I know I should.

5) If you could meet anyone in the world, who would it be?

This feels shallow and I'll probably think of someone more meaningful after I publish this post, but I'd love to meet the actress, Kate Winslet.

6) What do you hope to accomplish in 2015?

I really hope to open an etsy shop and make a sale!

7) Name three characteristics that best describe yourself.

Creative, Loyal, Sassy (to close friends)

8) What is your dream job?


9) Who do you admire the most?

Rather than choosing one person, I'm going to say I admire those most who have integrity, who are the same behind closed doors as they are in public.

10) Favourite song of all time

*See Random Things about Me #1 - ha ha. Anyway, probably Yesterday by The Beatles.

11) Favourite quote

"I hope you live a life you're proud of." – F. Scott Fitzgerald

Blogs I Nominate (Go check them out!)

Beatriz Acevedo

Sarah Clare

Emily Cromwell

Inga Foltz

Tasha Goddard

Dawn Gonzales

Julie Harrison

Allyn Howard

Melissa M Iwai

Nancie Rowe-Janitz

Tessa Rath

11 Questions for My Nominees to Answer

  1. When did you first know you had a talent for art?
  2. What is your favorite medium?
  3. Do you ever fear the blank page? How do you overcome that fear?
  4. What is a goal for 2015?
  5. What is the most challenging thing about the art you make?
  6. Describe a typical day. Do you keep a schedule?
  7. What inspires you most?
  8. Coffee or tea? What is your favorite drink?
  9. What is the best art advice/tip you've ever received?
  10. Are you a self-taught artist or did you go to art school? Where? For self-taught, did you read books, take online classes, etc?
  11. What is your favorite social media? Facebook? Twitter? Instagram? Any others?

Ladies, I can't wait to read your answers to these questions! I checked out all the blogs and there is so much beautiful work to drool over!

Thanks again, Jennifer, for nominating me. This was fun!