I Love Learning – Lilla Roger's Make Art That Sells Assignment Bootcamp

Yep, I'm a nerd. ;) I love learning and I especially love learning about art and how to improve my art. That's why I take classes as often as I can. My husband jokes that we need a line in the budget called "Sarah's Classes." Oops. I really try not to spend too much and find classes that give the most bang for the buck. On black Friday, I decided to buy the Make Art That Sells Bootcamp class (since it was on sale) by Lilla Rogers. You can read a little more about Lilla Rogers here but, in short, she is this amazingly successful art agent that I've only heard good things about! 

The 6-month class consists of a "mini" that you get on the first Monday of each month. This assignment is designed to be fun and get you warmed up and the creativity flowing. On the 2nd Monday of the month we get our final assignment that turns our initial sketches into a finished piece (perhaps ready to sell!) due by the 3rd week of the month. Then we also get a special piece of advice on life, art, or business, too. 

What I'm finding the most valuable about this class so far (and I'm only a week in) is the community! We have a private facebook group full of artists both new and returning to do another round of bootcamp. These artists are so inspiring and encouraging, like nothing I've experienced since art school!

Now for the mini: this month was "Edwardian Brooches." I had no idea what that meant. Ha ha. Guess I slept through class the day that period was covered in art history. Did some quick wiki searching and it's the time period from about 1900-1914. If I remember correctly, you can see a lot of Edwardian eye candy in the movie Titantic. It coincides with and is influenced by the belle époque and art nouveau periods, as well. It was marked by designs that were delicate and feminine with lots of diamonds and symmetry.

Edwardian brooches can all be found with a quick search on Pinterest.

Edwardian brooches can all be found with a quick search on Pinterest.

Here are some of my very initial sketches. A little embarrassing posting these in their super early stage but here I go anyway. I have more time today and this weekend to sketch so guess what I'll be doing?!

drawingsarah.com | initial Edwardian brooch sketches

I can't wait to get into these even more. You know what I'll be doing this weekend. What will you be doing? :)