Happy New Year 2015!

I'm not sure what it is but I am very excited about this year! I have a renewed desire to make art again and know what direction I want to take this blog in (hint: more art). I've taken a couple of classes in the last few months that have inspired me, too. It's just all good. I'm not one to make resolutions (I am still working on my 36 in 36 list) but there is something about the new year that feels like a fresh start.

One of the classes that I took is another Skillshare class by PaperFashion. This one is called Telling a Story Through Fashion Illustration. You can take a look at my project here. I gathered some inspiration images and my favorite was this Oscar de la Renta gown and this lovely staircase. 

Here is the finished piece:

Drawing Sarah | Oscar de la Renta gown