36 in 36

I woke up this birthday morning feeling like I needed about two more hours of sleep (as usual). I've had my coffee now and am feeling ambitious. I've seen these birthday lists before – # of things to accomplish in a year based on your age – and thought I'd take a crack at one. It'll be interesting to see how much I've crossed off by next year... one? five? none?

So this year, let's see if I can come up with 36 things, in no particular order...

1. Eat a salad most days of the week.
2. Exercise more
3. Eat less junk food
4. Draw everyday
5. Paint/finish my giant canvas
6. Join the Midland Artist Guild
7. Use up all of the blank sketch books that I currently own
8. Travel to see some far away family
9. Read a book a month-ish
10. Paint more often
11. Try out new/different art media
12. Take walks
13. Take bike rides
14. Explore some local stores downtown
15. Open my etsy shop
16. Blog at least once a week
17. Organize already printed photos
18. Catch up on Eli's baby book
19. Print more photos and get into albums (I'm so behind)
20. Create/print some family "year books"
21. Go antiquing
22. Plan next summer's vacation with dear old friends
23. Work in the yard/garden - get ready for fall/spring
24. Get together with my sister every month or so
25. Come up with a house cleaning schedule
26. Follow above cleaning schedule :)
27. Put together a chore/jobs chart for the kids for the school year
28. Plan meals
29. Try some new recipes/freezer meals. Get out of the rut!
30. Put together my graphic design portfolio for the blog
31. Decide if we're going to try for another baby
32. Clean out closets!
33. Go see some waterfalls in the U.P.
34. Make new friendships-be more social
35. Explore the downtown shops in a nearby town
36. Take more pictures WITH my kids. You know, like be IN the picture :)

Have any of you ever come up with a list like this? I don't usually make "new year's resolutions" but I often make a mental list in the fall. I've blogged about it before here. It's funny how some of these are just always on my to-do list. How successful were you with actually crossing things off the list?