Breaking Through

I took some time off the blog and painting. Not intentionally, though. I was just creatively blocked. Like writer's block, I guess. These periods are so extremely frustrating. I feel like I can't be making progress artistically if I'm not actually working on anything. I'm not sure why a block happens but maybe it's the brain's way of forcing a much needed rest? This time, instead of completely beating myself up about it, I surrendered to it. I cleaned the house, cuddled babies, read a book (!), and finally, a deadline got me out of it. I'm still not really sure if it was the deadline and powering through, or time that got me through it. 

I was so excited when a friend of mine from the other side of the country wanted to commission me to paint a portrait of her husband who was retiring from the marines. She sent me lots of pictures of him in his uniform and I asked her many, many questions about ribbons and medals to keep it all straight. I did have to force myself to finish it (due to the creative block), but I'm happy with how it turned out!


And here he is framed and hanging in his new home. :)


What do you do when you can't move forward? I'd love to hear someone else's ideas!