InDesign Class Update

My class is coming to a close. Last week we learned how to type set a novel or play. I won't bother to post any pictures since it's all boring (to all non-print designers) text. And our last project is an interactive PDF so I'll probably not post anything on that either. I've learned so much about the capabilities of InDesign and I'm very impressed with it. I am definitely going to dive into it with all future jobs. 

For the kids' bathroom redo, it's getting there! I have the shower curtain hung and rugs down. The whale art and initial plaques are hung. My next plan was to purchase some prints from one of my favorite illustrators. Then I saw some gorgeous pictures of coral on Pinterest and it got me thinking how beautiful a watercolor of one would be. I'm thinking white on a dark blue background and very stylized. I've never used masking fluid before so this might be a good first project.

Below is a first sketch from my sketchbook...


Another idea I had for art in their bathroom, was to have each of them paint something sea-like in navy blue paint on white and then frame that. I thought that would be very cute, too. What do you think? More grown-up coral watercolor or kid art? It's a tough choice!