Fresh Start

Last week was a tough one personally (pardon the blog absence), but also a very joyful week. My sister-in-law had a little baby girl, Autumn (be still my uterus!). :) She is so teeny, tiny and sweet. I spent the better part of the week cooking meals and treats and making visits to her house. I also did a lot of cleaning out of stuff in my own house. Let's call it nesting sympathy, I guess? I did do some sketching and writing of things I'm thankful for but they just didn't make it to the blog.  

This week I'm trying something new... I love children's illustration. I have had a desire to illustrate children's books or create illustrations for children ever since I was very young. I am VERY new to this genre so it will be interesting to see how my illustrations change and grow on this blog. That's the beauty of a blog. So I'm going to try to create some characters or small scenes. In the sketchbook, I've been experimenting with owls, foxes and chicks. Hmmm, I'm no farmer but should those three be in the same room together? ;) I'll be posting them this week as I finish them.