Sparking Creativity - My Newly Impassioned Soul

I spent most of the weekend (secretly) feeling sorry for myself that I still couldn't find that creative spark that makes me want to do nothing but draw and paint. It was depressing. Ok, not really. That's a bit overdramatic but it was discouraging.

I looked to the internet researching what other people do to unblock. I found some interesting articles and some more discouragement. I realized sometimes it's better to not look to others and compare.

Typical suggestions were: get outside, exercise, read, keep working, blah blah blah. In my opinion, not helpful when you're in a funk. But my favorite quote I found was from this article on Brain Pickings. Maria Popova wrote about the book Breakthrough! 90 Proven Strategies to Overcome Creative Block and Spark Your Imagination by Alex Cornell. Mr. Cornell was stuck and asked his creative friends to tell him their suggestions for breaking through. One contributor, artist Debbie Millman, wrote Overcoming Creative Block in 10 Easy Steps. Pinned here. My favorite was number 10: "Remember how L-U-C-K-Y you are to be a creative person to begin with and quit your bellyaching. Get to work now!" I LOVE IT! Sometimes, all you need is a little perspective. Everyone goes through a creative lull or blockage or whatever you want to call it where you feel stuck and like everything you make is junk. But just be thankful you are creative in the first place! What a gift we have!

In honor of being grateful that I am creative I painted this guitar girl. I also listened to a lot of Mumford and Sons this weekend so maybe the illustration might be a subconscious thing. The title wasn't subconscious, though. Ha! I love that line in their song Roll Away Your Stone. I like her, though. I want to be her friend. :)