Illustration Course - Final Feedback and Illustrations

My PaperFashion Illustration course ended last Saturday. It was quite the experience. I was waiting to post until I heard final feedback. It turns out that over 400 people signed up for the class and there were almost 300 projects for our poor teacher to go through. I did finally get feedback on Monday. I posted another final illustration (below) and the feedback I received was: “the leafing looks beautiful- it's one of my favorite mediums too. something i don't play around with enough :)”

After her last feedback, I had responded to her comment that I had a hard time not making a realistic drawing which I thought made it hard to develop my own style and that I needed to keep practicing. I also said that this was the first time in 10 years that I had been consistently drawing/painting and that I picked up watercolor just a few months ago. She responded with an encouraging comment: wow! well yes, it definitely takes time to get back into it- so don't worry it will come. practice is all. the more you do it, the more you start to figure out your style. it took me years! :)’’ It’s crazy to think that even my illustration “hero” took a long time and lots of practice to get her awesome style. I was humbled by everyone else's artwork, too. There are SO many talented artists’ out there.  

This illustration was inspired by an Elie Saab creation.


And here is a close-up...


This next one is by Christian Dior. Wish I had black glitter, though.