Fashion Friday - Feedback and Another Sketch

I got my first feedback from the instructor last night. She says: 

Beautiful work! Love the ODLR on Jamie Beck- she's a classic beauty in it! 

I think your sketches are nice- you captured some of the flowing fabrics really well (which can be difficult!). My only comment would be to sometimes try loosening up your hand a bit and sketching freer and less outline-y. The details on the dresses could be a tiny bit lighter too- you just don't want to overpower the watercolor with the pencil lines (which you can't erase well after applying watercolor). Looking amazing though- and love how many you've done! Can't wait to see them painted!

I totally agree. It's so hard for me to stay loose and not worry about the details. Because I am a rule-follower, I have a hard time not making my sketch look exactly like the picture. In my head, it feels wrong to deviate from exactly what I'm looking at. I need to remember that photorealism is NOT the point of these illustrations. I'm going to take her critique and work on some more illustrations that I'll post on Monday. I did another sketch last night below.