My Baby is Two

It's hard for me to believe that two years ago today my baby boy, Eli, surprised us a week early and came into our lives. I was sure he would be late because my first two were. When I went into labor on Black Friday 2011, I was in complete denial. I started laundry and wouldn't leave the house until the baby blanket that I was crocheting was complete. I even sent Dustin out (on Black Friday!) to get more white yarn because I had run out. Ha! Blame it on crazy, pregnant woman hormones, I guess. On our way to the hospital we stopped at Subway to get some dinner and then couldn't find the maternity entrance because of construction! We finally got to where we were supposed to be and I had him an hour later! Yikes. I'm probably lucky I didn't have him in the car!

He has brought so much joy and happiness to our family! He has such a sweet personality and he loves his big sister and brother SO much (and they love him). He loves his trains which is what inspired this painting. Happy Birthday, Eli! We love you SO much!