A Love Letter

Happy Anniversary to my hubby, Dustin. It's been four happy years! If you had told me 5 1/2 years ago where I'd be today, I never would've believed you. The hardest point of my life gave way to the happiest point of my life. It's funny how things work out. I feel so blessed to have met him (and re-met him). We knew each other as kids, lost touch and then were matched up on eHarmony 5 years ago! Crazy providence, huh. He's an awesome husband, father, and step father. He's so kind and generous and passionate. I love how reserved he is, that he doesn't need to be the center of attention. Instead, he's very thoughtful. He is a man of integrity. I can't say enough good things about him. I feel very, very blessed. I have never been around someone who makes me feel so loved and like I can do anything. I love you, Dustin!