So Happy to Have Power!

A crazy storm passed through here on Sunday and knocked out the power. We were VERY fortunate to be out for only about 24 hours. The power company initially said we could expect ours to return Thursday night at 11 pm! We live near a main intersection and that is probably the only reason we got ours back so early. They fixed the stop light as fast as they could. The kids were off school for two days, too. There are still a few people without but it should be returning for them very soon. If you want to see some pictures of all the trees down you can click here. It was pretty crazy.

I've been catching up on work now that I have wifi. While I was organizing I found this picture that my 10-year-old daughter drew. It is SO cute. She is well on her way to becoming an illustrator. I'm beaming with pride. Her depth of field just amazes me and all those details! I thought I'd post it. The words on the bottom right say, "Plain old wild squirl (squirrel)." So cute! Enjoy!