Early Inspiration

As early as I can remember, I have always picked out picture books based on the illustrations. I still do. It's tough for me to read a book to my kiddos if the illustrations aren't great. One of my favorite and earliest memories of children's illustrations, aside from being read arch books, is The Tale of Peter Rabbit, by Beatrix Potter. A dear friend of my mom's had embroidered the story on a blanket for her as a baby gift. I loved the sweet story, the charming illustrations and the beautiful "handwriting." 


And some close-ups... 


What a fun wall-hanging for a nursery. I hung it in my babies' rooms, too. The Peter Rabbit website is a fun one to look around. It has information on the author's life, too.

In middle school, I did a report on Beatrix Potter. As part of that report we had to write something in the style of the author we picked. I wrote and illustrated a story, of course. I'll have to dig that out. I'm sure I still have it somewhere. Maybe I'll post it tomorrow. Hmmm.  

Did you have any author and/or illustrator favorite as a child?